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A Guide to Planning a Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

A Guide to Planning a Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

The holiday season is the clincher that persuades us to start decorating our homes. With the lightheartedness associated with the festivities transcending out in full force, it’s high time to start getting ready for those ‘big’ days. In preparation for Thanksgiving, we decided to come forward and help you with party planning. Before you lark about and indulge in merrymaking, use this guide to present the most memorable Thanksgiving dinner to your guests. From selecting the right Turkey to creating a delectable menu list, the guide covers everything to make Turkey Day hassle-free for you.

1 Month Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving requires a lot of prior preparation so start thinking early at least a month in advance. Use this checklist and mark it done a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

  • Prepare the guest list and note down the name of every individual who would be joining your Thanksgiving dinner table.
  • Buy Thanksgiving pantry essentials, dinnerware, disposable supplies, and decor staples.
  • Amass menu ideas for Thanksgiving dinner. Think of making 1 or 2 mains along with some sides, appetizers, and desserts.
  • Get Thanksgiving wine and other beverages you want to serve to your guests.

Tip: Besides Turkey dishes, consider puff pastry, spinach and onion dip, buffalo chicken wings, and fried mac & cheese balls as appetizers. For sides, pick mashed potatoes with gravy, garlic rolls, and roasted brussels sprouts. Desserts could be pumpkin pie, carrot cake, or chocolate bread pudding.

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3 Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Now after a bit of preparation has been done, gear up for basics.

  • Call up your guests and discuss with them about potluck dishes. Asking them to bring a few side dishes and desserts will take some burden off your shoulders.
  • Think about Thanksgiving Turkey – the kind you want to serve, how much turkey will be apt for a person, and so on.
  • Have a printout of the recipes to make things easy.

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2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Now with just two weeks left for the celebration, it’s time to bedeck your place with holiday decor and start working on those pinned recipes.

  • Pull out the Halloween decorations and put up harvest accents for that much-needed festive vibe.
  • Try out some recipes if you are preparing the meal for the first time.

Tip: Refer to cookery books and online cooking tutorials to prepare the dishes. You can also take help from someone with good culinary skills.

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A Few Days Before Thanksgiving

The guests are coming to your place and things are getting a bit hectic. But the best part is that you have deftly done most of the preparations. Here’s what you need to do a few days before the big day.

  • Clean up your house. Take the crockery out, tidy it up, and set it aside.
  • Finish your Thanksgiving shopping.
  • Prep make-ahead dishes. Prepare bread rolls and freeze them. Prepare salsa, dippings, and dressings in advance.
  • Make sure to defrost the Thanksgiving Turkey.
  • If you are planning to work with frozen Turkey, go and get it now.
  • Have a word with your guests and confirm their potluck dishes.
  • Clean out your refrigerator if required.
  • Adorn the Thanksgiving table with centerpieces.
  • Iron linens if needed.
  • Plan about games and ask your kids to organize them.

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A Day Before Thanksgiving

A day before Thanksgiving is the time when you will be the busiest. Rely on our planning shenanigans to turn chores into a celebration.

  • Create a checklist to ensure everything is going the way you have planned.
  • Season Turkey to make it flavorsome and aromatic.
  • Chill the wine and other beverages.
  • Set the Thanksgiving table with linens, dinnerware, salt & pepper shakers, etc.
  • Bake the desserts a day in advance.

Tip: Some desserts like pies and puddings taste better if prepared a day before the serving day. If you prepare them on Thanksgiving Day, make sure to chill the desserts throughout before you decide to serve them.

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Thanksgiving Day

  • Review the checklist to ensure you are on track.
  • In the morning, start preparing slow-cooker dishes if any.
  • Before dinner, cook the turkey in the oven along with time-consuming dishes.
  • Prep veggies and salads an hour before dinner.
  • Do a table check and fix what’s missing.
  • Carve Turkey before dinner, pour the wine, and arrange the buffet or table.
  • After enjoying the dinner, serve the desserts.

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After Thanksgiving Dinner

After enjoying the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to crimp the setup before you head for the post-dinner nap. During this time, you can also enjoy the after-dinner tradition, such as playing a family game or taking a walk in the backyard. Once you are done, get the ball rolling and do the after-work.

  • Put the dishes in the dishwasher. Ask your family members to help if you don’t have the washer.
  • Stack the leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Clean the Thanksgiving table and rearrange the chairs.
  • Put the leftover slow-cooker dishes back into the equipment.

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A Day After Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving dinner is done but the festivities aren’t over yet. You can embark on Black Friday shopping with your loved ones and continue drenching your heart in sheer joy.

  • Do Black Friday shopping online or in-store.
  • Wash the linens and put your crockery back in the cupboard.
  • Relish leftover dishes. You can recreate new dishes with the leftovers, such as Turkey sandwiches, casserole, tortillas, croquettes, soups, etc.
  • Remove decorations if you want. It’s better to keep them for a few days before you put up Christmas decor.
  • Continue post-Thanksgiving fun by playing some games and revisiting the memories of Thanksgiving day.
  • Bid farewell to your party guests with Thanksgiving gifts and candies.

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Tip: Thanksgiving gifts like pumpkin pie scented candle, chocolate-pumpkin soap, Turkey luggage tag, and wine & cheese serving board are sure to make your loved ones swoon.

Do not wail if something goes awry. Just make use of this Thanksgiving dinner guide to host the most memorable and successful dinner ever. Happy Thanksgiving in advance! And happy cooking too!

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