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10 Incredible Ideas to Plan Any Event in Small Space

10 Incredible Ideas to Plan Any Event in Small Space

Are you looking forward to planning a cozy event in a small space? Or did you come across a venue that’s smaller than you were expecting? Worry not! Turn that makeshift space into an apt one by giving it an illusion of a larger area. Do this effortlessly with the help of these space-maximizing tips and tricks.

#1 Rely on An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan will prevent your party guests from feeling cramped by offering them enough room to wander around. The open floor concept combines smaller segments into a larger space and also brings in some airiness. To create enough room for your guests, avoid a space with curtain dividers or walls. If you are planning to throw a celebration in your home, you can easily do it in your living room that combines your open kitchen.

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#2 Skip Ceiling Decor

If the ceiling height is your biggest space constraint, avoid adorning it. Decor elements like chandeliers can minimize the space. So, if the booked venue has any hanging objects, get them adjusted before the party begins.

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#3 Prefer Round Tables

A round table consumes less space than its rectangular counterpart and can easily accommodate up to 12 people. You can pair the round table with folding chairs to save more space. Plus, adorning round tables is less of a hassle. Simply grab a chic tablecloth, a classy floral centerpiece, and some colorful napkins. Arrange classy dinnerware and glassware creatively to make the party table attention-grabbing. You can also place scented candles around the centerpiece for an alluring look and breathtaking aroma.

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#4 Lighting Matters

Natural lighting goes a long way in creating an illusion of bigger space so make you use it to achieve the space goal. If you have doors and windows installed, open them to allow sufficient light to come in. Refrain from using dim lights and also stay away from curtains or window binders. For more luminosity, opt for corner light fixtures. You can also place a table lamp on the coffee table. What’s more? Candle centerpieces can be easily incorporated into your dining table decor for that much-needed soft lighting.

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#5 Go for Minimal Wall Decor

The minimalist decor trend has never failed to impress modern homeowners. And if you are planning a bash in a small space, using minimal wall decor can help your space look big. Remove or adjust wall decor at home or venue to make the space less cluttered. Instead of multiple wall accents, prefer a single large centerpiece like a giant painting or wallpaper. Something that will help achieve the right balance of aesthetics and simplicity!

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#6 Hang Drapes of Similar Color as Your Wall

If you do not want to keep your windows and doors uncovered, hand drapes or curtains of the same color as your wall color. For instance – if you have light brown walls, look for light chocolate-toned curtain fabric, white curtains for white walls, and so on. Alternatively, use sheer curtains to get a similar effect and also bring in subtle natural light.

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#7 Make Mirrors Your Space’s Best Friend

Mirrors can not be overlooked when it comes to maximizing the look of any space. Use the mirror trick to visually enhance the size of the party space. To do this, install a giant mirror or multiple small mirrors on the wall that faces the window. You can also scatter mirrors on the walls of the hallways to optically double up the room size.

Tip: If the party venue is a hotel, you can ask the manager to incorporate some mirrors in the party area. If this is not possible, get the curtains removed on request.

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#8 Opt for Light Colors

Light and cool colors have an airy feel and can really help open up the party space. So whether it is the decor, wall colors, curtains, or furniture, prefer light colors for them. Conducting a special event like a wedding at your place? Get your home indoors painted in off-white, ivory, or white to make the space look a lot larger. This trick works for party hotels and banquet halls too. Try to pick a venue with white walls and light-colored furniture.

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#9 Avoid Oversized Furniture

Small yet contemporary furniture can spruce up any space without having to compromise on style. On the other hand, oversized or chunky furniture can make the same space feel congested. So, prefer folding chairs and tables that can complement the rest of your decor. Translucent furniture is another way to create a seamless view and cast the illusion of a larger area.

So, plan the layout of the party space and then accommodate the right furniture. You can also skip furniture accents or try to use a few pieces wherever you can.

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#10 Rely on See-Through or Transparent Materials

Want to turn your small event space into a visually enhancing one? Use transparent or see-through materials to bedeck the space. Apart from sheer curtains and translucent furniture, select your invitations, wall decor, etc. based on the translucent theme. Although glass decor may be risky given the amount of space, it’s worth the shot if accommodated in the safe area. Choose glass decor accents like glass centerpieces, floral vases, candle holders, table lamps, and so forth are brilliant ways to revamp the small area to achieve the illusion of extra space.

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Make the party space spacious and welcoming with these smart space-saving tips. These tricks will maximize the space and make the party area more appealing to your guests.

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