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9 Extraordinary & Romantic Proposal Ideas We Bet You’ll Love

9 Extraordinary & Romantic Proposal Ideas We Bet You’ll Love

The idea of proposing the love of your life while skydiving may sound crazy at first but it is something you and your partner will remember all your life. Asking someone’s hand in marriage is one of the most special moments so why not make it off the beat? Choose any of your favorite proposal acts from the list for an irresistible proposal.

1. Propose While Skydiving

Raise the bar of your proposal sky high with this one-of-a-kind idea. Jump off your comfort zone and decide to woo her with a wedding proposal mid-air. All you need is to take your partner for skydiving and take out the ring from your pocket as the parachute flutters open. Make sure to record the video to cherish the joyride for years to come. If your lady love is scared of heights, you can skydive solo or with a pro. Place a heart-shaped cardboard cut-out inside your jacket and take it out to show your special someone as you hit the ground. One of the best proposal ideas for all adventure enthusiasts out there!

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2. Dog Lovers Proposal

If your partner loves dogs just like you, what can be a better way of proposing them with the help of a cute dog? With the help of your furry friend or a new pet, you can ask their hand in marriage. Nothing will be more ecstatic for them than seeing a cute dog assisting you to pop the big question. Your lover is sure to say a resounding ‘yes’ upon seeing this sincere and cute proposal!

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3. Destination Proposal

For a traveling buff, a destination proposal is a good way to go. Plan a weekend getaway to a nearby place and propose to your soulmate during the trip. You can also jet off to a far-away place like the coastal side or on the deck for putting forward the proposal. How about reserving a romantic dinner table for your special someone at the beach? You can also arrange a group of musicians who can play a romantic song whilst you surprise them with an engagement ring. If you want something simple, just take the person to the coast, get down on a knee and ask them to marry you!

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4. Puzzle Solving Proposal

Solving a puzzle brings intense satisfaction to the mind. Nothing will take your partner on cloud 9 as he or she solves a ‘marry me’ puzzle and gets to the final revelation. Simply create a DIY jigsaw puzzle to pique their interest. To add a sense of fun, draw some pictures on the puzzle that you can later frame. Alternatively, buy puzzle proposal pieces online. Something that will intrigue the love of your life so much that they will be dying to finish up the whole puzzle!

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5. Evening Concert Proposal

If you two are a fan of music, proposing during a live concert is sure to light up your partner’s eyes. Attend a type of concert she likes and surprise her with a diamond ring during her favourite song. Take the proposal several notches up by asking the concert coordinators to allow you to propose on stage. If possible, request the artist to make the big announcement. Seeing her beloved artist popping up the marriage question from your side is something she will remember forever.

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6. Writing Proposal in the Sky

Imagine you are holidaying on the beach or having an outdoor picnic with your lover and suddenly a plane writes her name in the sky and pop the question! Well, nothing can be as heartwarming and memorable as this skywriting proposal. Tell your partner that their name is imprinted in your heart forever with the help of an aerial banner message. You can hire a small aircraft and let them expel special smoke to write your proposal across the sky to be remembered for generations.

Pro Tip: You can also pop the question in a planetarium while stargazing with your special someone. Contact a planetarium and request them to project the special message for your partner.

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7. Scrapbook or Photo Album Proposal

Collect your favorite pictures with your partner, get them printed, and use them to create a romantic photo album, scrapbook, or collage. Craft a unique storyline with every photo and mention some details about them after pasting them on the album. On the last page of the album, stick a note that reads, “Will you marry me, honey?” Do not forget to decorate the photo album or collage with heart emojis, ribbon roses, glitter, and other romantic stuff to add some extra pizzazz.

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8. Propose on the Dance Floor

Instead of taking your lady love to a getaway or romantic dinner, you can choose to woo her with a dance performance while proposing her in the end. Hit the dance floor, gather some people, and get down on one knee with a ring during your performance. You can plan a dance floor performance on your relationship anniversary. Don’t forget to present your lady with a bouquet of hundred scarlet roses and a love note after your performance.

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9. Backyard Proposal with Family

Family is always there for you, through thick and thin so making it a part of your special moments doesn’t need a reason. Involve your family and friends and let them hold banner messages in the backyard. Ask a kid in the family to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend there while you stand there with a bouquet. You can also play a trivia game or something like a scavenger hunt and pop the question.

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Turn the proposal day into one of the best days for yourself and your partner with these unique and amazingly romantic proposal ideas. Pick your fave from the list and get the ball rolling!

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