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Getting married? Follow this Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to Plan Your D-Day!

Getting married? Follow this Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to Plan Your D-Day!

If the time to bring your fairytale dream wedding into reality has arrived, we felicitate you. The auspicious event and of course the most awaited one undoubtedly requires diligent planning and painstaking preparation in advance. No doubt the excitement for the day is bound to bring you into a frenzy mode, the liability to conduct the event will be your biggest concern right now. But worry not! To help you organize your D-day, we have brought an ultimate wedding planning checklist. This sure-fire way will help you plan your wedding hassle-free as you keep ticking off the checklist and ensure everything falls within the wedding planning timeline.

6-12 Months Before the Wedding

The planning for your wedding should commence at least 6 months before the big day. If you aren’t a carefree person, it’s better to start your preparations a year in advance to ensure the kind of perfection you want.

  • Create the budget for the wedding.
  • Figure out the things that will cost you the most including catering, decoration, venue, wedding shopping, photographer, etc.
  • Prepare the guest list.  Use separate categories for family, friends, colleagues, mutual friends, colleagues, etc. while preparing the list..
  • Choose the wedding venue – hotel or banquet hall, backyard, or outdoor destination.
  • Pick the caterer. Taste their food before finalizing them.
  • Hire a wedding planner to take a major burden off your shoulders.
  • Check the latest trends related to wedding outfits, decor, invitation cards, etc.
  • Finalize the events like Haldi, Mehendi, cocktail, pooja rituals, or any other as per your customs.
  • Pick the wedding day theme and decide colors and decor for every event.
  • Select the wedding decorator and let them know about the trendiest decor ideas you want to implement for every event.

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4-5 Months Before the Wedding

As the D-day approaches, both the excitement and stress spikes. Luckily, this wedding planning checklist comes in handy to ensure every plan is executed rightly. Use the checklist 4 to 5 months before the big day.

  • Select the wedding invitation card design. You can also consider e-invites you can send via email or social media.
  • Book the videographer and photographer to capture the best memories of your big day.
  • Plan for wedding entertainment. This will include selecting music, DJ or rock band, or performers for different ceremonies.
  • Hire a choreographer if you are thinking about performing with your special someone.
  • Book your makeup and Mehendi artist. Select the apt pre-bridal and wedding look package.

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3 Months Before the Wedding

You will experience an adrenaline rush at this juncture. Fortunately, this checklist will help you combat the burgeoning stress while keeping excitement intact.

  • Start planning for your honeymoon. The honeymoon planning will include scouting the destinations you want to witness with your to-be spouse.
  • Shop for wedding attire that best suits your wedding theme. Also, shop outfits for other functions like reception, sangeet, etc.
  • Shop for clothes you will wear as a new bride such as casuals and traditional wear.
  • Kick start wedding jewelry shopping such as your spouse’s wedding ring or band.
  • Shop for fashion accessories such as D-day shoes, head accessories, clutches, etc.
  • Shop for gifts or party favors for family and relatives.
  • Finalize food including wedding day main dishes, sides, drinks, desserts, and snacks.

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2 Months Before the Wedding

2 months’ time is not a huge time period but this checklist will let you keep important things in mind and help you accomplish them on time.

  • Book a guest house accommodation for wedding guests.
  • Decide about the transportation for your guests if required.
  • Book your flights and hotels for your honeymoon.
  • Select your wedding cake.
  • Send out wedding invites to family and friends.
  • Schedule the pre-wedding shoot. Select the location and get the ball rolling.
  • Throw a bachelorette party for your best buddies and embrace singlehood for the last time.
  • Finish the leftover trousseau shopping for your new fashion wardrobe.
  • Do song selection and hand over the playlist to the DJ.

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A Month Before the Wedding

As the wedding day is about to kick in, it seems there is no sign of relief for you. But what if we say this checklist will bring all your worries to a halt. Use the checklist and keep marking things as ‘done’ once you finish them.

  • Follow up with the vendors to ensure everything is on point and will take place as decided.
  • Start practicing for your dance performance with the help of your choreographer.
  • Book a special stay in a lavish hotel for your first night.
  • Try out your wedding day outfit and check if it requires any amendments.

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A Week Before the D-Day

Only you are aware of what is happening inside your head at this time. But there’s always a way out to ease the stress you are coping with at this hour. Sit back and relax as this checklist will ease your worries.

  • Pack your suitcase to head out to your new home stress-free.
  • Take a sneak peek at your wedding outfits and other essentials. Don’t forget to iron your washed outfits.
  • Have a look at your payment receipts and note down all the expenses in one place. Clear the calculations after wrapping up the payments.
  • Visit a salon to refresh your hair color and get a facial, manicure, pedicure, and other beauty treatments.
  • Pack bags for your honeymoon. Make sure to keep all documents in your handbag.

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A Night Before the Wedding Day

Although you wouldn’t sleep easily as you would normally do a night before your wedding, make sure you do these things before the final celebration:

  • Wear a face mask and take a bubble bath to relax.
  • Assemble all objects you want the photographer/videographer to capture such as your wedding ring, invite, etc.
  • Spend some cozy time with your parents and siblings.
  • Pray and sleep on time.

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The Wedding Day

The day you have been waiting for so long is finally here. It’s time to bring your planning to fruition and embrace every moment of the day.

  • Drink more water.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Say thank you to your loved ones and guests for contributing to your wedding.

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Use this checklist for your wedding day planning and make sure you double-check it from time to time. We are sure this checklist will help you in making your D-day a grand success. Happy wedding and a blissful journey ahead!

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