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11 Beauty Things to Do Before Your Wedding

11 Beauty Things to Do Before Your Wedding

Selecting the wedding venue or wedding attire is hard but trying to look picture-perfect on the D-day is trickier for every bride-to-be. Scrolling through your recent Instagram feed or seeing those reels of stunning brides can make you feel a bit envious. But what if we tell you that you can be the most gorgeous bride in town? Whether you wish to look radiant for an Instagram-worthy bridal look or want to avoid last-minute beauty fiascos, this blog is your savior. Here is a rundown of things you need to do a few months before your wedding to look as pretty as a picture:

1. Pay Attention to Your Diet

No matter how many pre-bridal beauty treatments you opt for, they won’t help if you do not rely on a good diet. To make your skin glow from the inside out, start eating a nutrient-rich diet. Fill up your plate with antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds, green tea, and dark chocolate. Start sipping on hydration fluids to flush out toxins and embrace flawless skin. Avoid fad diets, processed foods, fried snacks, and sugary stuff as much as possible. Not to mention, always eat healthy carbs and whole foods.

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2. Count on Beauty Vitamins

Do you know what it takes to be in possession of beautiful and healthy skin & hair? Beauty vitamins! Besides consuming nutrient-dense foods, you need certain vitamins and minerals to keep your skin spotless and glowing. When it comes to healthy skin, vitamins A, C, E, D, and K can help you get that ethereal charm.

To keep your hair in its healthiest and shiniest state, count on nutrients such as biotin, protein, iron, selenium, omega-3s, copper, and zinc. Eat foods rich in these nutrients or invest in a multi-vitamin supplement to meet nutritional requirements and also counteract any nutritional deficiencies.

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3. Physical Fitness Matters

If you have been a laid-back person when it comes to physical fitness, it’s time to change your stance. Sweat out every day to expunge toxins from your body and boost circulation. Well, you don’t have to hit the gym to look physically fit. At-home yoga or simple cardio exercises like jumping rope and running are enough to tone your body. If you want to perspire more, incorporate HIIT workout and strength training into your fitness regimen.

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4. Revive Your Skincare Routine

Everyday CTM might be your facial skin’s best buddy, but you need to do something extra on your part for that much-coveted ‘glowing’ skin. End your quest for the Holy Grail skin by treating your skincare concerns with natural skincare. To do this, opt for all-natural or toxin-free skincare products to address problems like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or tanning. Invest in a vitamin C serum and anti-aging cream to keep those unsightly signs of dull or aging skin at bay. And do not forget to exfoliate with a DIY coffee & olive oil scrub.

For body care, engage in frequent body massage and body polishing sessions. A salon-grade body polishing treatment a week before your D-day will bring out the glow you are craving for.

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5. Try a New Hair Color

If you have a penchant for trendy hair colors, why not try one before your wedding? Test an on-trend hair color to bring a drastic change to your look. To have everyone gushing over you, get something like ombre, brown with golden streaks, bronzey brunette, warm brown, or dark chocolate. For an idiosyncratic yet elegant look, try Jennifer Winglets’ recent OTT cherry red hair color.

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6. Practice Makeup & Trendy Hairstyles

Who doesn’t want to look sassy and classy after marriage? The right makeup along with a chic hairstyle will help you look exceptionally gorgeous newlywed. For that, learn basic makeup skills and try out a few classy hairstyles you can wear after getting married to woo people around you.

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7. Get a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Want to stay fuzz-free after marriage? Then get a dermatology-grade laser hair removal treatment for your face and body. This will save you from the hassles of booking frequent salon appointments for those waxing sessions. Alternatively, take heart in epilating or electrolysis to get rid of unwanted hair.

Tip: Invest in an electric epilator and use it to remove hair from the roots even from the most sensitive areas. Something that is bound to give you smooth skin and not cause any irritation!

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8. Splurge on Beauty & Makeup Staples

Every woman wishes to look her best and makeup & beauty staples go a long way in fulfilling this desire of yours. Let everyone around you succumb to your charms by enhancing your beauty with the right beauty products. Shop for gorgeous lip colors, hair accessories, eyeshadows, and everything else you think can take your look up a notch.

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9. Indulge in Some Grooming

Grooming is a prerequisite for every bride-to-be. Kick start your grooming session a week before your special day to look more attractive than ever. Get your brows done, opt for waxing, and get a keratin hair treatment. Also, get a gentle facial a few days in advance to avoid redness. Get the treatment from a professional to avoid any allergies. Don’t forget a hot oil head massage and body spa to recover from fatigue. For nails, you can settle for trendy nail art design or simple manicure/pedicure to make your hands and feet look alluring.

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10. Pay attention to Your Lips

To get those luscious lips, you need to resort to the right lip care. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush or sugar scrub thrice a week and always wear a lip balm at night. Massage your lips with almond oil before hitting the bed every night. You can also decide to get a lip tattoo if you have pigmented lips.

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11. Manage Stress

Stress can take its toll on your skin health so make sure to combat it before it gets serious. To manage your stress levels, meditate every morning. Yoga & meditation can offer some relief from that hectic planning and fast-paced days. Also, make sure to get a good night’s sleep every night to relax your mind. A full body massage or a simple bubble bath on weekends will also help you rejuvenate your senses. And do not forget to smile and laugh every now and then to quell your worries.

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Nothing construes beauty better than taking care of yourself. Amidst all stressful wedding planning, take time to pamper yourself to unleash your inner diva and be the most adorable bride ever!

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