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9 Tips to Choose a Waterfront Venue for Any Event

9 Tips to Choose a Waterfront Venue for Any Event

While most of the logistics of an event easily conceal a conventional venue, a waterfront setting can effortlessly grab the desired attention. Nothing can beat the breezy ambiance of an event conducted near water. Especially if you are a nature lover, having a special occasion at the beach or in a sea-facing resort will satiate your soul like nothing else. Whether it’s your baby’s birthday or you are about to tie the sacred knot, these tips will help you pick the best waterfront venue for your event. Check them out.

1. Choose Your Setting

A waterfront venue can mean multiple things – a pristine beach, a hotel overlooking the water, or even a lavish cruise. Based on your budget, personal preferences, and other factors like time of the year, decide what suits you the best. If your budget allows, you can book a luxe yacht. This makes for a great choice for those who want to conduct a cozy event with a few loved ones.

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2. Think of Color Scheme

An event such as a wedding or anniversary gives a perfect excuse to experiment with colors. Pick a color palette and then select the apt venue. For instance – if you want to play up with cool shades like ivory, white, tortoise, beige, or coral, a beach wedding would be an ideal choice. If you want to pick a nautical scheme, a casual setting in a beachfront restaurant is good to go.

3. Indoor or Outdoors?

What can make you more jubilant than a picturesque setting and the wonderful ambiance of a beach wedding? But what if the weather gets inclement to an extent where planning your dream event becomes a far-fetched idea? So, plan wisely whether you want an outdoor event or a carefree indoor celebration. The best is to book a pavilion facing the sea, perform the rituals outdoors and then move indoors for a family dinner without panicking about the weather turning bad.

4. Make Guests Comfortable

Your far-flung relatives wish to stay comfortable throughout the ceremony so make sure to consider them before booking a waterfront venue. If you are preparing for a beach wedding, book accommodation near the beach to consolidate all your guests in one place. A yacht event will also call for the same to make guests feel at home.

Tip: While most beaches are public, they may not offer you the desired privacy. In such a case, think of conducting the event in a beachfront restaurant.

5. Plan for Rain

An outdoor event is sure to go awry in case of rain so plan for it ahead of time. Whether you are about to throw a bash at the nearby coast or jet off to the Atlantic, plan for rain beforehand. To enjoy a cloud-free event, rely on a backup plan that would be something like setting up a tent outdoors. You can also rent a waterfront venue that allows you to enter a private grotto if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Tip: If you are not scared of extreme fun, you can enjoy the rain and take incredible photos with water and umbrellas. And embrace good wedding luck too (in case you are getting married!

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6. Know Your Guest List

Knowing how many people will join you on your special occasion is an important factor to consider before finalizing a venue. If you are expecting more guests RSVP ‘yes’, booking a venue that’s small can become a concern later on. So, find the estimated number of people who you would be inviting and then pick an apt waterfront venue.

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7. Consider Scope of Your Decorations

When you book a waterfront banquet hall or restaurant, you will have a lot of space to spruce up with decorative accents. With a beach event, there isn’t a lot to worry about revamping the space with decor. Simply take in the breathtaking view and create a custom table setting or seating arrangement. With a coast by your side, you can also easily use simple elements such as shells, pearls, and cork bottles as centerpieces.

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8. Settle for a Beach Event

Having a wedding or any other special occasion near the shore not only shrinks the guest list but also offers an amazing backdrop for Instagram-worthy pictures. A beach event will also offer you and your guests oodles of options for exploration. You can plan your honeymoon at the destination beach or take your guests to nearby tourist spots. After all, who would want the celebration to end soon?

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9. Hire an Event Planner

Planning for an event is nothing short of stressful. Plus, it calls for a lot of time and painstaking preparation. Hiring a professional who specializes in waterfront events will allow you to stay carefree as they go about planning for your occasion. If you are thinking of booking a sea-facing resort, the planner will find out the best venue close to your location. Similarly, they will obtain permits you need to conduct a private beach function. In short, relying on an event planner will let you accomplish your vision effortlessly.

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Final Words on Selecting a Waterfront Venue

There are a plethora of venue options to conduct an event – from a community center and local banquet hall to an exclusive resort. But nothing is more mesmerizing than a waterfront venue. And it’s easy to comprehend why. Whether it’s a beach, a cruise, or a restaurant on the coastside, waterfront wedding venues exhibit an ethereal charm like nothing else. Plus, you have got gorgeous scenery to behold, and use it as a backdrop for your event pictures. Not to mention, decorating the space becomes less of a chore if you pick something like a beach for a wedding or family gathering.

So, what are you thinking now? Imagining the aura of a ceremony near the water is enough for you to kick start your planning. Get the ball rolling by making use of these handy tips to pick the best waterfront venue for any upcoming occasion.

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