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Planning a Destination Wedding? 10+ Tips for an Ultimate Successful Event!

Planning a Destination Wedding? 10+ Tips for an Ultimate Successful Event!

Planning a destination wedding in Udaipur’s one of the majestic palaces or at pristine backwaters of Alleppey is not an easy feat. Jetting off to a place miles away from your hometown calls for careful planning and diligent effort. Even if you are relying on a high-end wedding planner, you have to do advance preparations on your part to execute your D-day the way you want. But worry not! These no-fail destination wedding tips and tricks will avoid all goof-ups and pitfalls and make the event a grand success. For sure!

Tip#1: Pick Your Wedding Destination Location

Choose a location that best resonates with your available budget. Of course, you wouldn’t want to plan a regal wedding in the royal Udaipur if you have a Book Everything in Advancestrict budget. You also need to consider the weather, feasibility, and accessibility before finalizing your wedding destination. Do not opt for a place that requires you and your family guests to rely on different modes of transport. Well, some of the hottest and most popular wedding destination spots in India you can choose from are Kerala, Andaman, Goa, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Mussoorie. Pick a spot after making all considerations to stay on the safe side!

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Tip#2: Set Up Room Blocks

Check the room availability in your choicest hotel and resort. If the place has enough rooms to accommodate all your guests, decide to set up room blocks. Having all guests stay at a common location will allow them to consolidate together and enjoy the fun of a family get-together. And if transportation is required, you can easily assemble all your guests and depart hassle-free.

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Tip#3: Save the Date

Set your wedding date only after you have got confirmation about room availability for everyone. Then you can consult your family Pandit and pick a weekend as per the suggested dates. Getting married on weekends will reduce the number of guests not making it to your big day. At least, the majority of them will be able to take a day or two off to attend the main rituals.

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Tip#4: Craft the Guest List

Prepare a list of family members and friends you would like to invite to your wedding. Once done, call them up to tell them about the date and destination. Give them time to make up their mind and make flight or car bookings accordingly. And if it’s your job to make all the bookings, be sure of their availability before proceeding. Unless you are arriving at the location early, it’s good to depart from your hometown with all your guests on the same day.

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Tip#5: Hire a Pro

Take references from people, research online, make calls and interview in-person before finalizing a wedding planner. You can either settle for a full-service planner who will manage every intricate detail of the event and melt all your cares away related to your wedding. Or you can reach out to a coordinator who can assist you in certain tasks like picking the wedding decorator, selecting a food vendor, and so on. It’s wise to take heart in someone who is a destination wedding connoisseur or is well-aware of the location.

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Tip#6: Book Everything in Advance

Right from the destination and wedding date to transport service, caterers and music band, book everything in advance. Also, make sure to call the service vendors 3-4 days prior to the wedding and remind them of the event.

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Tip#7: Visit the Venue Beforehand

Visit your wedding destination and the venue 3-4 months in advance with your wedding organizer to finalize details. A scouting trip will allow you to explore the place entirely and make arrangements accordingly. Also, if there are any concerns, you will be notified about them early and will be able to streamline them without any ado. A pre-wedding trip to the place will also let you know about tourist spots so you can add them to your list if you plan to spend your honeymoon there. If the chances of a second trip are few and far between, arrive at least 4-5 days early to get everything done in the best way possible!

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Tip#8: Meet the Vendors

If you are arranging everything personally, meet the vendors in person to know what they are up to. Get to know about their services entirely and also share your ideas with them. If you have hired a wedding planner, supply them with all the information beforehand. Be patient, give them space, and let their creative mind come up with the surefire ideas to let the event ride high.

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Tip#9: Map out Additional Events

If you are planning a long wedding, extend the fun by planning additional events like mehndi, sangeet night, Haldi, or any other specific event. If you are a South Indian, you may want to cover up special rituals according to your tradition. You can also host a welcome party or plan to take your guests to tourist attractions in the area. Close the wedding weekend with a post-wedding lunch or reception to give a memorable farewell to those special people.

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Tip#10: Send ‘Save the Date’ Early

Get your wedding cards published two months in advance as their distribution will take a fair amount of time. If you are planning to send digital cards, get them designed beforehand and upload them on social media a week in advance. Share the card on WhatsApp, Skype, or any other online source to bring your D-day to other people’s notice. For a unique twist, how about greeting your guests with a welcome bag? Fill the bag with a mini wedding card (depicting the events and wedding dates), a water bottle, a detailed itinerary, some treats, and a list of activities.

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Tip#11: Let Pinterest be Your Best Buddy

Imagining a destination wedding with everything marked by perfection is easy. However, bringing that vision to fruition is a different ball game altogether. Allow Pinterest to make things a little easy for you. Visit the platform to find on-trend cake decorations, wedding dresses, floral arrangements, etc. to make the prospect of having your dream wedding within reach.

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A successful destination wedding is a feat not everyone can boast of. However, painstaking preparation with a bit of homework and research can make your dream of holding a far-off wedding come true. Follow these tips to take the edge off wedding stress and pave your way to an efficacious event!

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