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20 Bridal Mehandi Designs you should not miss this year

20 Bridal Mehandi Designs you should not miss this year

If there is something that the bride and her tribe enjoy the most in the array of pre-wedding functions, then it is the functions before the wedding, one of which is the Mehandi. Mehandi’s preparation includes everything from arranging floral jewellery to selecting an outfit, to setting up a photo booth with props, but the most important aspect is to choose a good design for your big day.

Especially for the bride and groom, the wedding is the most exciting day of their lives. It’s no surprise that the bride wishes to look flawless on her special day. Whether it is her mehandi or accessories, her jewelry, and dress, she wants everything to be perfect.

If it’s your wedding Mehandi, it must be as special as you are. There are many different and elegant Mehandidesigns to choose from.

In Indian culture, there is a ritual to find the initials of names of your partners within the Mehandi design, and a complex yet beautiful Mehandi design will make it a little harder and more fun.

Each bride has her own preferences for her henna design. Some brides prefer a simple mehandi design, while some prefer an intricate bridal Mehandi design.

We are here to help you with the 20 best bridal Mehandi designs of the year.

The classic Indian Mehandi design.

Detailed floral design, did you notice the love for coffee on the bride’s wrist, isn’t the idea of personalized Mehandi so interesting.

With intricate floral patterns covering a full hand, the dome, the jaalis,jhumkas placed at the center, and tiny florals, the Indian mehandi design never goes out of style. They are traditional, obscure, and beautiful all at once.

The iconic Dulha, DulhanMehandi Design

For years, traditional-style mehandi designs such as this traditional Dulha, DulhanMehandi design have been popular. They are unique, beautiful, and intricate.

The Mehandi Design with Peacock & Elephant

Carefully crafted henna designs covering the hands are a catch. Mixing traditional Mehandi elements like the elephant, peacock, dome, and jaali pattern run throughout the arms to the tip of the fingers to fill every little space with beauty and elegance.

Impeccable Mehandi designs for legs

There is something so symmetrical and beautiful about the lotus motif Mehandi designs for the feet! Featuring these beautiful peacock Mehandi designs on the bride’s legs makes her feet dainty.  

Mehandi designs with peacocks, elephants, and intricate patterns of jaali are sure to catch the eye.

Picture Courtesy- Pinterest

Beautiful Mehandi designs do not need to be complex; there are easy-to-make designs that are aesthetically pleasing. You can create the most stunning bridal Mehandi motifs with a simple combination of lines and patterns.

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