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10 Tips to Choose a Location for a Pre-Wedding Shoot

10 Tips to Choose a Location for a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Imagine you and your soulmate embracing the sunset on the coast and a photographer capturing nice shots of you two alongside a breathtaking backdrop. Well, these moments are better lived than imagined. So, make sure to add a pre-wedding shoot to your painstakingly done wedding preparation. And be mindful of the location you choose as the right one can help you get good candid shots – the ones you have always dreamt of! Well, here are a few tips that will help you pick the perfect location for your pre-wedding photography:

1. Think About Your Budget First

Weddings are a costly affair and a pre-wedding photoshoot can shell out extra bucks from your pocket. Especially if you are choosing a distant or luxurious location like a palace or 5-star resort, the overall expenses can easily transcend your actual budget. So, make sure to consider how much you have on-hand and how much you are willing to spend before heading out for your pre-wedding shoot. Set your budget and then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to shoot in the town or at a distant location?
  • Do you need a permit to shoot at a specific location?
  • How much will your photographer charge?
  • Do you have money to incur travel expenses for the photographer and his team?
  • How much will the props cost?

Once you get the clarity on the budget and find answers to these questions, you can easily accelerate forward.

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2. Remember Your Love Story

When choosing a location, think of your love story – where you first met your soulmate or which was your first date location. If there is one place that holds a special place in your heart, you can pick that for your pre-wedding shoot. For instance – if you met in high school, you can request the authority to allow you to shoot the location where you and your partner had actually met. To add some flavor to the shoot, ask your high school friends to accompany you and have some random pictures clicked with the couple.

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3. Decide the Theme

Before you pick your pre-wedding shoot location, think of the theme you want. This will allow your photographer to pick the right lenses and props that would blend with the ambient chosen. If you want to shoot at the beach, you can shop for props such as balloons, picture frames, lights, cork bottles, etc. beforehand and make shooting a breeze.

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4. Be Mindful of the Weather

Weather is an important factor to consider before choosing your location for the pre-wedding shoot. There can be times when the weather doesn’t cooperate and can end up ruining your shooting plans. So, it’s always wise to consider the season and time and think about why it is the best for the pre-wedding photoshoot at a particular venue. After all, you wouldn’t want a scenario where you and your partner are drenched completely because it started raining at the last minute. Think before you leap!

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5. Timing Can Make a Difference

Most venues have a designated time period when the photography shoots are best done. While some locations can allow you to use sunrise as a backdrop, others have splendid sunset views. So, to get the finest clicks, you need to set the time before finalizing your photoshoot location.

6. Visit the Location

Just seeing the pictures of the shoot venues on the internet won’t do any good. The location that looked mesmerizing in the photographs can turn out to be not-so-eye catching in reality. So, it’s good to visit the location to ensure it is just right for you. Once you have a look at the particular location beforehand, you will be able to know whether it matches your desired theme or not. Plus, you will also get to know other important information such as photoshoot charges, permits, shoot timings, and so on.

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7. Off-Season or Peak Season?

The season, whether off-season or peak season for the shoot can make a big difference overall. If you decide to shoot in the off-season, you can find good places to shoot where there is no disturbance. However, if you choose the peak season, you can have a difficult time getting the right shots as there will be some sort of disruption due to high traffic. Just make sure your pre-wedding shoot location is not flooded with people.

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8. Your Style/Mood

Want a photoshoot with captures a traditional touch or something contemporary? Depending on your mood or style, you can decide to shoot amid nature, at a palace, in a resort, and so on. Here are a few interesting choices for you.

  • Nature & Landscapes –  For nature lovers, getting clicked by the seaside or amidst snow-capped mountainous regions is a wise idea.
  • Fort & Places – If you want a luxurious photoshoot, pick a majestic palace or fort.
  • Resorts – For leisure seekers, a pre-wedding shoot done at a high-end resort will get the work done.
  • Parks – Outdoor or nature lovers can choose a beautiful park for their pre-wedding photoshoot.
  • Heritage Buildings – Buildings that have historical significance and stunning architecture can be a stunning backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot. 
  • Streets – For something offbeat, hit a nearby street to get clicked with your future life partner.

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9. Do Some Research

Research on the interest to see what’s trending. People love sharing their pre-wedding pictures on social media from where you can get an idea. Scout the on-trend locations on Pinterest and Instagram and pick a unique one for your pre-wedding shoot.

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10. Ask for Referrals

If you are unable to discover a good pre-wedding shoot venue, ask for referrals for your family and friends. You can also visit your photographer and ask for suggestions. Many photographers possess knowledge of which places and locations are apt for such shoots. You can also tell them your preferred style or theme so it’s easy to get instant recommendations. At last, pick a location that best resonates with you and your partner’s taste.

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We hope you have got the gist of how to pick the right location for your pre-wedding shoot. Happy wedding!

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