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Precautions to Take While Planning a COVID-Free Event

Precautions to Take While Planning a COVID-Free Event

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, everything has got a major blow. As a result of the pandemic, almost all events are either restricted or come to a halt. From guests in masks to small dance floors – such is the scenario of events since COVID hit the world. If you are planning a special event such as a wedding or birthday, here are a few precautions you need to take to ensure everyone’s safety.

Before the Event

Although you have set expectations for your special day, you need to be careful of what you should do and what you must avoid. Here are some things you should do before prepping up for any event to enjoy it safely.

  1. Keep it Short

Instead of holding a ceremony that ends late at night, choose to keep it short. If you are planning a wedding, a 15-minute ritual ceremony followed by two hours of celebration is a wise idea. Similarly, for an anniversary, limit the event’s duration to an hour.

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2. Plan Outdoors

The more the confined area, the higher is the risk of virus transmission. The best venue for an event is outdoors where you have lots of space and enough ventilation. If you plan to conduct the event indoors, make sure the space is large enough and there is no crowding.

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3. Small Guest List

Not inviting 100 people to an event during the pandemic seems to be a no-brainer. So, make sure to invite only those people that matter to you instead of allowing every other person to join in.

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4. Opt for E-Invites

Sending e-invites for your D-day or any other special occasion is an ideal way to spread the word about your event without having to visit anyone in person. You can also send emails to all your guests and ask them to sign the form to ensure their availability at the event. This will also help you to position the guests at appropriate places during the event to reduce the risk of transmission.

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5. Ask for COVID-19 Test Report

One of the most important precautions you should take before the event is to ask your guests for proof of a negative COVID-19 test. This is extremely important to ensure that every person who is about to join you at the time of the event is free from the virus. You can also hire someone who can conduct tests on your guests and inform you about their health status.

On the Day of the Event

Even if you conduct a micro-event, you need to take some safety measures on the day of the event to stay on the safe side.

1. Implement Rules

Along with a wedding invitation, send a list of rules and ask everyone to follow the same. These may include:

  • Please keep a social distance of 1 m even if you are from the same family
  • Regularly use a hand sanitizer 
  • Keep seated at the same place and make movements only when necessary
  • Please stay home if you are unwell

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2. Be Mindful While Getting Ready

While getting dressed, make sure no one is there in your room and every family member has a separate dressing room. If you have hired a beauty vendor, make sure that you are following all precautions. Wear a mask and gloves while receiving their services. If you are visiting their place, do not come in contact with other people.

3. Have Temperature Checks Upon Arrival

If you are visiting a restaurant or any other place, make sure to have quick temperature checks upon arrival. The same should be done for other guests. If possible, have saliva testing for additional prevention.

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4. Ensure Safety During the Ceremony

Maintain social distancing guidelines and expect your guests to follow the same to stay safe during the event. Have party tables at sufficient distance and make sure there is much space between each guest. Follow contactless greeting etiquettes like ‘Namaste’ or ‘Salaam’. If you have planned a sit-down sitting arrangement, let the guests use every second seat only. You can mark the floor to indicate the right seating place. Further, make sure to distribute masks and mini hand sanitizers to the guests before they enter the venue. Also, encourage people to avoid congregating around high-traffic areas, such as toilets, exits, and entrances.

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5. Limit the Duration of Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is when party guests tend to flock together and get physically close. Instead of having a long cocktail hour, keep it short. Also, rather than having a bar, plan to increase the seating and have different arrangements like cocktail tables, cabaret tables, etc. Allot a person to every table who can prepare the choicest drinks or appetizers for the guests. Also, make sure to limit the amount of alcohol served and have more cocktail servers. You can also get the glasses labeled so that it’s easy to identify the user.

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6. Have A Seated Dinner

Instead of a buffet, decide to opt for seated dinners. Discourage shared food platters and hire appropriate staff to serve the food. You can opt for Bistro-style tables or small round tables to keep guests separate. Choose disposable cutlery and make sure to have a hand sanitizer on each table. If you want a buffet, opt for multiple smaller stations.

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7. Opt for Live Stream

Live stream the event to the family members or friends who are not able to attend due to safety reasons. The Zoom ceremony is an ideal way to let your loved ones join in the special celebration from the comforts of their homes. Make sure everyone doesn’t assemble at a place while you Livestream the event. You can hire someone suited for this role who can show the event on a virtual screen without impacting the event.

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8. Plan Transportation Wisely

If you are in charge of taking party guests to the venue, arrange enough transportation with enough space between every person. You can hire buses or shuttles for the same.

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9. Choose a Small Dancefloor

Choose a micro dancefloor for the band and ensure the band members are performing with sufficient distance between them. If possible, ditch the band and have multiple, smaller dance floors around a specific room. This will allow guests to enjoy while staying safe.

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After the Event

The safety precautions shouldn’t end even when the event is over. Here are a few things you need to do post celebration.

1. Get All Vendors/Guests Tested

Request all guests and vendors to get tested once the celebration is over. If anyone shows symptoms of the virus, help that person to contact a medical team. Alternatively, hire a medical team and conduct tests for each individual separately to ensure their safety.

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Although an event during this pandemic will be quite different, there are ways to make it fun and memorable. It’s a good idea to ensure your guests stay COVID-free before, during, and after the event. After all, ensuring everyone’s safety is the need of the hour, right?

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