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12 Stunning Return Gift Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday

12 Stunning Return Gift Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday

Your kid is special for you so his or her birthday has to be special too. The joy and laughter will naturally come to your darling if you plan his special day rightly. Make the birthday a fun-filled event for your child by picking the best decor, birthday snacks & treats, and party favours. And when it comes to selecting the right birthday return gifts, here are a few stunning options to count on.

1. Plush Toys

For your toddler’s birthday, picking plush toys as a return gift idea would be the safest bet. Plush toys are great for small kids as they are soft and easy to play with. A plush toy in a cute animal design will be a kid’s best friend. Not to mention, such toys are perfect to hug and cuddle. A true companion of a lil kiddo to accompany him to his nap time. Get these toys in random shapes and colors to make the return gift segment interesting and fun for small kids.

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2. Puzzle Games

From boosting motor skills to enhancing problem-solving skills, the benefits of puzzles for kids are aplenty. Puzzles are a great way to develop the analytical skills of kids and keep them occupied for a few hours. Solving puzzles together will also enhance a parent’s engagement with children and even give them a sense of achievement once they solve them. The best part – puzzle games are gender neutral and would be appreciated by guys and girls alike!

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3. Racing Car Toys

Those little boys would scream with joy after getting their favourite racing car toy. Tiny race cars are an impeccable gift option to consider especially if you are throwing your boy’s birthday bash. These cars are perfect for boys above the age of 3. Get car toys from brands like Hot Wheels or Playmobil and assure boys that their playtime is going to be eminently amusing.

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4. Super Heros

Who doesn’t love superheroes? Whether it’s Captain America from the Avengers or Superman, it will instantly light up every kid’s face. So, if you are throwing your lad’s birthday party, make sure to surprise his pals with superhero favours at the end of the party. This gift idea is also perfect if you are considering a superhero-themed party for your kid.

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5. Clay Kits

Clay modeling is a great activity for kids to take up. Gifting kids clay kits will allow them to unleash their creativity while keeping them entertained for hours. This fun activity will not only boost their imagination but also imbibe self-confidence. The act of touching and squishing the clay will also be so relaxing and soothing to their mind.

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6. Pencil Box

Cartoon-themed pencil boxes are another fun and useful present for school-going children. Having a good pencil case helps kids keep their stationery supplies organized and in good condition. It also keeps everything handy and hence a great staple for everyday school sessions. Try to get pencil boxes that include the basics like pencils, a rubber, a sharpener, a glue stick, and coloring pencils.

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7. Board Games

In this day and age where kids tend to indulge in mobile games, gifting them board games is a great idea. Board games offer kids opportunities to learn and enhance their social skills. While such games encourage healthy brain development in older children, they develop hand-eye coordination in small kids. Just make sure board games do not include miniature pieces if you are giving them to young children.

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8. Piggy Bank

Buying kids a piggy bank will teach them the importance of money and to be responsible in this regard. A piggy bank is a good way to intrigue them to know about coins and bills and even learn how to save them for later use. To create a sense of excitement among kids, get them a piggy bank that opens with a passcode. Such modern designs are usually built with sound and light effects that make them unique gifts for kids. Those kids are sure to give you a special thanks later!

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9. Activity Books

Activity books boost the critical thinking of a child and develop childhood literacy. Be it children’s activity books with mathematical problems or the ones with coloring activities, they are sure to benefit kids. Well, activity books are great to present to kids above the age of 3.

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10. Roleplay Game Set

Children love indulging in role-playing activities and playing the characters they love. Role-playing games are not only amusing but also beneficial for their overall development. If a kid partakes in such games, it will improve his fine and gross motor skills along with problem-solving ability. Role-play games even boost morale and help kids who are a bit shy or lonely. You can woo children who are about to attend your kiddo’s birthday celebration with a dollhouse, police game set, doctor game set, and the like. And they will love you for this!

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11. Painting Colors

Painting colors are a great hit among fun-loving kids. These birthday return gifts are immensely creative and are bound to increase a child’s creativity while offering him hours of fun. Give those little guests painting color sets that are non-toxic. Let them mix those colors, experiment with them, and have fun. You can also complement painting colors with a coloring book for each child.

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12. Wooden Educational Toys

Wooden toys are a great way to introduce school-going kids to subjects like physics and math. The toys exclusively designed for preschoolers will help them with numeracy, recognition, and problem-solving. There is also a wide range of wooden toys for infants and toddlers that can teach them how to stack and balance. Wooden educational toys are even environment-friendly and safe for kids, unlike PVC toys that are non-toxic. Not to mention, wooden toys are durable and long-lasting.

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Delight those little guests at your kid’s party by giving them birthday party favours. Choose any of these aforementioned return gift ideas and let them be their best reward to date!

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