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10 Tips to Host a Graduation Party

10 Tips to Host a Graduation Party

If you are a parent of a soon-to-be high school graduate, we felicitate you! It’s time to celebrate your child’s achievement and make graduation day memorable for him or her. Well, you don’t have to hire an event manager to throw a Grad bash. Simply rely on these tips that are sure to help you in hosting a successful graduation party.

1. How to Celebrate

Want to invite your child’s seniors and teachers to the party? Or want an intimate celebration with a few of his close friends, close neighbors, and family members? Decide how to celebrate before planning other details of the graduation party.

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2. Who to Invite

Think about the size of your guest list before deciding on how to organize the party. If you want your extended family to join you for this celebration, pen down the names of all near and far-flung cousins. Make sure to count parents, grandparents, kids, and pets. Do you want your child’s favorite teachers or his childhood friends to be present at the party? And if you are looking for a low-stress way to celebrate, let the party be an intimate affair and invite only those who are close to your family.

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3. When to Celebrate

Timing is a tricky yet important factor to consider for a graduation party. If there are many to-be graduates in the family, think of conducting a single party at the end of June. You can also consider Memorial Day weekend as it will give the chance to distant relatives to attend the party. What’s better? Have a ‘Dad & Grad Day’ bash by integrating Father’s Day celebration into the high school graduation party. This is a perfect idea if you are planning to invite blended families.

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4. Where to Celebrate

Look at the size of your guest list and then choose an apt party venue. For instance –
If you are calling multi-generation families to join you on the day, a casual backyard party would be an ideal choice. For a larger venue, consider a resort or park. This will save you from the hassles of cleaning your home post celebration. Hosting the party at a hotel or restaurant will also prevent you from cooking for the entire family. To make the celebration affordable, consider a combined party for all graduates in the family and ask their respective families to contribute on their part.

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5. Plan Activities & Games

Party is more than just relishing treats and enjoying drinks. To make it fun and entertaining, plan different activities and games. Depending on multiple age groups, you can decide the activities. For kids, both outdoor activities and board games are sure to spark joy. You can conduct singing or dancing sessions to keep the entire family entertained for hours. Play a trivia quiz among the family members of the graduate and offer rewards to the winners. You can also set up a photo booth and allow everyone to use their favourite props to get clicked with the grad.

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6. Send Invites Early

May and June are the busiest months for grad parties. So, grab your party date on time and send invites early. Select a suitable e-invite design, get the important details imprinted, and share the final template with friends and family thru WhatsApp or via email.

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7. For a Stress-Free Party

House parties can be stressful. To take the stress off your shoulders, divide duties. Ask your family members and besties to help in cleaning up, arranging food items, conducting fun activities, and so forth. If there are two grads in the family, have a single party and let all the family members decide their duties. If your budget allows, you can hire a chef or helper and enjoy the event to the fullest.

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8. Think About the Party Theme

A graduation party theme is a great way to make the party extra fun and amusing. Pick a theme that all ages will enjoy or something that best suits the new grad. For instance – you can choose to conduct a summer BBQ party or opt for an Instagram theme if your girl is addicted to the social media platform. Choose the decor, entrance, treats, and every element of the party based on the selected theme. For the Instagram theme, you can use Insta-themed photo booth fame, Instagram-logo cake, centerpieces, cupcakes, and so on. You can also hand over instant Instagram camera shots to guests as party favours. Other graduation day party themes you can rely on include Bookworm, Money Lover, Cookie Guy, Tropical, Sports Guy, Silver & Gold Glam, and Black Lover.

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9. Decide What to Eat

Graduation day celebration during summers is a perfect excuse to enjoy summer desserts and snacks. Think of cupcakes, fruit rolls, chocolate fudge cakes, and fruit smoothies. Among snacks, you can pick grilled pineapple salsa, bacon-wrapped prawns, garden potato salad, Mac ‘n’ cheese bites, and veg & cheese bread rolls. If you are conducting a BBQ, barbecue foods like meatballs, barbeque sandwiches, and sesame & honey chicken are good to go. The best is to create a buffet to allow guests to have their choice of food. Feel free to set up a separate bar for drinks and snacks to delight everyone at the party. If you’re having families with toddlers, you also need something that suits their tastes. For them, you can settle for rice crackers, banana smoothie, avocado squash, apple & papaya puree.

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10. Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Every person who has attended or contributed to your kid’s grad party needs to be reminded that their contribution means a lot. So, make sure to give them a token of appreciation via thank you cards. This sweet gesture will fill them with a sense of gratitude and they will feel proud to be a part of your child’s special achievement.

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Graduation day is much more than that ceremonial walk on the stage and greeting the educators. It is a day of your kid’s achievement that undoubtedly deserves a special celebration. Use these tips to host a graduation day party for your child hassle-free. We are sure both you and your kid will thank us later!

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