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Things to Do Before Christmas Checklist

Things to Do Before Christmas Checklist

Christmas is not just a one-day celebration. It’s a whole month of joyous celebration that starts well in advance, usually in the last two weeks of December. And the preparation for the holy festivity is generally kicked out in November and sometimes even before that. Before you celebrate the birth of the beloved Christ, pour a glass of wine, and indulge in merrymaking, scroll down to discover the ultimate Christmas to-do checklist.

Things to Do Right Now

If you are reading this a few weeks or months before Xmas, start exploring the list given below and go on marking the things as you accomplish them.

  • Start looking out for deals for Christmas shopping.
  • Decide where you want to conduct the Xmas party. 
  • Start thinking about whether you want to invite your extended family and friends or just want to celebrate with your kids?
  • Kick-off shopping for alcohol, soft drinks, treats, dinnerware, etc. 
  • Start creating the party guest list and gift list. 
  • Take measurements of family and kids for clothing and footwear shopping. Keep this note handy.
  • Book any flights or hotels if you are planning for a Christmas getaway.
  • Inspect your and your kids’ wardrobe and take out stuff you want to give to charities. 
  • Report your leaves to HR in case you want to go out for Christmas. 
  • Make a list of activities you would be doing with your children during their school holidays.
  • Get your oven cleaned by a professional.
  • Make sure your passports and other travel documents are valid. 
  • Order your Xmas turkey, sausage, ham, and other eateries.

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Things to Do in November

The day November kicks in, all activities regarding the Xmas celebration start speeding up. Take the help of this checklist and ensure you are done with most preparations.

  • Ditch old Christmas decorations and shop for new decor.
  • Order your Xmas tree if you want a new one this year.
  • Start shopping for new outfits for the Christmas party and upcoming holidays.
  • Design your card for Christmas you can send to people later. 
  • Buy Christmas gifts and wrapping papers. 
  • Book an appointment at a beauty salon if required.
  • Plan your Christmas menu and get the stuff required for meals, snacks, etc.
  • Start exploring the web for Christmas table decoration & Xmas tree decoration.
  • Start packing the items in the suitcase if you are planning to fly and organize your travel insurance.
  • Get carpet and furniture professionally cleaned or start doing it yourself.
  • Shop for ready-to-eat meals or snacks you want for hassle-free cooking.
  • Mail your overseas Christmas cards and gifts. You can share ecards through WhatsApp. 
  • Clean your house including doors, windows, freezer, garden, patio, pantry, pool, etc. 
  • Take out all tablecloths and bedsheets and iron them. 
  • If you have plans to enjoy the Christmas holiday in the city, book the car for rent if required.

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Things to Do in December

The holy month is here and the day is not very far when you will remember the birth of Jesus Christ and have a blast. This Xmas to-do checklist will ensure you have wrapped everything up the way you have wanted.

  • Start decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Put together all the shopping lists.
  • Make sure your camera and other electronic devices are charged up.
  • Do leftover Christmas shopping. 
  • Buy special gifts for kids such as storybooks you would read to them before Xmas.
  • Book some fun-filled activities for kids like ice skating or something like a concert.
  • For a BBQ party, take the grill and gas canisters out. 
  • Create a photo booth if you are throwing a Christmas party at your home. 
  • Grab some board games to play at the party. 
  • Bake Christmas cookies and send them to family members. 
  • Wrap all the gifts and make sure all cards have been sent. 
  • If you own a pet, make sure you have done its shopping too. 
  • Send gifts to neighbors, friends, colleagues, and bosses. 
  • If you are about to travel for Christmas, clear any bills in advance. 
  • Stock your freezer with beer and other drinks.
  • Freeze meat or chicken.

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Things to Do a Few Days Before Christmas

A few days before Xmas should be reserved for last-minute activities. Use this checklist to ensure nothing crucial is left.

  • Shop for last-minute items like bread rolls, fresh cream, etc.
  • Start making ice you would use later to serve chilled drinks. 
  • Take out the meat from the freezer for defrosting.
  • Ensure your traveling bag is ready. Don’t forget to take an emergency survival kit.
  • Prepare Christmas desserts in advance such as bread, cakes, cookies, custard, etc.
  • Fill the car with fuel and check the tires. 
  • Buy a gift voucher or scour deals for last-minute Christmas shopping.
  • Change the bed sheets and pillow covers and prepare the guest room as well.
  • Visit the salon to get your hair and nails done. Or pamper yourself at home with a warm salt bath and facial.
  • Pre-cook meats if required.

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Things to Do On Christmas Eve

  • Decorate the dining table for the guests. Take out the dinnerware and cutlery. 
  • Pick up things you may have forgotten from a local supermarket. 
  • Bring the music system outdoors if you are throwing the party outside.
  • Take out the beer, drinks, cookies, etc., and organize them on the table.
  • Arrange the barbecue grill outside and organize the furniture. 
  • If you are leaving for a holiday, pre-pack your car.
  • Watch a Christmas movie with kids and tell them stories of Jesus Christ.
  • Visit Church early in the morning or evening. 
  • Put all the gifts under the Xmas tree and stuff the stocking. 
  • Open gifts given by family and friends. 
  • Prepare slow cooker meals in the morning and any fresh desserts. Don’t forget to prepare fresh cookies for Santa.
  • Line a buffet or organize a barbecue outdoors with family and friends. 
  • Go out for a Christmas Eve Church service in the morning or evening before the party.
  • And at last, enjoy Christmas with your loved ones, and don’t forget to pray before going to bed!

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We hope this checklist will help you enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family. Merry Xmas in advance!

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