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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Covid

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Covid

Since the inception of the novel COVID-19, everything has been hugely impacted including relationships. Cozy dates have shifted to Zoom meetups and family holidays that used to last weeks have compelled people to adjust to endless time apart. Special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas have taken a new form with only closed ones celebrating the festivities and making the most of the intimate affair. Right now, Valentine’s Day is approaching again and it’s time to think of how to treat the day special. Whether you are living together with your partner or not seeing each other too often, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the day and make it memorable. Here are some incredible options for love birds to celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine.

1. For the Love of Mail

If you love writing letters, nothing can be more romantic than sending a love letter to your lover via mail. In this day and age when everything is done digitally, receiving a hand-penned love letter is sure to act as a heartwarming gesture toward the recipient. Even if your partner lives not far away from you, this manual effort on your part will make him or her swoon in no time. So, instead of dropping a romantic message this Valentine’s Day, let the pen and paper convey your feelings. Make use of perfumed paper, sparkle pens, and romantic stickers to make your love letter standout.

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2. Send a Personalized Gift

A mailbox can also be utilized to send that special package to your significant other. This time, let their bodies flood with endorphins by sending them a personalized gift. Such gifts are always thoughtful and express the gesture of love and gratitude uniquely by conveying the feeling of acceptance. Personalized gifts help develop stronger and more intimate connections. Woo your lover with a customized present that he or she won’t forget. How about sending a caricature wooden stand or photo bedtime lamp? No matter what personalization idea you opt for, it is sure to impress the recipient.

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3. Conduct a Virtual Date

We admit that nothing can be more ethereal than a romantic candlelight dinner date but spending time with your beloved in virtual fashion can also be equally enticing. If you are separated by your partner due to distance or health issues, a virtual couple date can subtly fill your heart. Share a screen to talk, laugh, and eat together. Even if you long for his or her physical touch, remember this date will be exceptional and totally worth it.

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4. Celebrate at Home

If you can’t go outside due to COVID-19 restrictions, celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day at home with your special someone. Decorate your place and conduct a romantic date in the garden or on the terrace. Enjoy a dance before dinner and play a game afterward. If you are a coffee lover, whip some artisanal coffee and enjoy it with your lover while watching a romantic movie. Couples can also cook dinner together and try new dishes and desserts. What’s more? Enjoy an at-home spa together by booking a spa service. At the end of the day, stroll in the nearby park or street and end the day on a sweet note by relishing a roadside dessert.

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5. Island Visit

A vacay on a remote island with your soulmate is the best idea for couples who love to travel. There are several small low-traffic islands across the globe you can book for Valentine’s day and enjoy in the lap of nature. Some great options among private islands for couples include Pamalican Island, Cayo Espanto, Solomon Islands, The Bahamas, Maldives, Phi Phi, and Seychelles. Have a walk on white-sand beaches, enjoy an excursion on a yacht amid blue-green waters, and try watersports. Don’t forget to cherish marine life, relax at an underwater spa, embrace sunset, and gaze at stars while relaxing on the shore.

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6. Duo Class

Cherish your relationship by celebrating in a sweet and fun way by taking a class together. Sign up for a virtual class or go to a private class for couples to try things together, such as painting, dancing, singing, cooking, or even physical workout.

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7. Try Camping

Valentine’s Day is all about spending quality time with the one you love. If you can’t celebrate at home or public place, book a night at a campsite and enjoy your day there. This is great for adventure lovers who love to spend time in the natural surroundings. Choose a camping site close to your home if you are a novice. Or look for an RV or mini-cabin to embrace the outdoors safely. And if you are an experienced camper, pick a new and different camping spot. Set a cozy tent, toast some food on the fire, and enjoy beer. Cheers!

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8. Volunteer Together

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t do something for society. Help your local community or choicest organization by volunteering for them together. You can visit needy families, do an environmental cleanup, visit an animal shelter, or even adopt a sacred groove. Working for a good cause with the love of your life besides you is sure to bring peace and happiness to you in a way you wouldn’t have imagined.

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9. Pamper Yourself

If you are single that doesn’t mean you can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Indulge yourself in a luxe spa session and do all that pampering you deserve. Watch your favorite movie with your pet, do some shopping at the mall, and do video chatting with your best buddies.

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10. Celebrate with Family

Valentine’s day is also for showing love to your parents and siblings. You can also count on your neighbors, friends, and pets, to celebrate the day and make it memorable. Plan a barbeque outdoors with your close ones or pick a venue where you can maintain some social distance. Limit the number of guests if you are conducting an indoor party. Let the party guests bring their own food and then set up a buffet for everyone to enjoy. Share cards of love to express gratitude to everyone who joins you at the party.

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Here are some finest ways to make your Valentine’s day special and memorable. Whether you are in a relationship or don’t have that special someone in your life yet, you can celebrate the day lovingly and spread some love around you.

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