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10 Stunning Ideas For The Most Epic Sangeet Function!

10 Stunning Ideas For The Most Epic Sangeet Function!

When it comes to Indian weddings, the sangeet ceremony is one such function that takes the excitement and entertainment to a whole new level. From those solo dance performances to whistling at the backseat and regular photoshoots, the sangeet party is something where everyone gets to enjoy to the core. But the Mazedaar sangeet ceremony is much more than deciding those songs and dancing to their beats. There is a lot more to the party planning that can make it the most epic one. Here are a few ideas that can make any sangeet ceremony the talk of the town:

1. Set a Theme

Pick a theme for your sangeet to make it more grandeur and entertaining. From Arabian nights and Bollywood to Sufi-ghazal, there are so many themes to choose from.

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2. Ponder Over Decor

The decor is like a cherry on the cake so make sure to make it enticing. From having drapes on the pathway to hangings on the ceiling, there are plenty of decor options to create a lush atmosphere. To make a statement, think of adding a gorgeous backdrop near the entrance or on stage. Don’t forget to add some glitz with the help of statement lighting.

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3. Couple’s Dance Performance

Why wait for others to perform at your sangeet ceremony? Unleash your inner dancing diva by performing a romantic song with your partner. Ensure your playlist has 2-3 different songs to keep the performance interesting. You can also perform solo and make your party ( and of course the performance) the most cherished one. So, allow your creative juices to flow while the DJ Wale Bhaiya plays your favorite song!

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4. Set Up A Photo Booth

A quirky or mesmerizing photo booth is a great way to take those Insta-worthy shots you would post after the wedding. Ask everyone to ditch their phones for a while and grab some fun props to get crazy photographs. Something you and your loved ones will cherish for life!

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5. Quirky Food & Drinks

Personalization never gets boring. So, how about giving those food and drink options a touch of personalization? Think of giving unique and quirky names to classic food & drinks present at the sangeet. You can pick something related to the bride or groom and pull their leg a bit!

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6. Karaoke Night

If you or your family members are fond of singing, a karaoke night is the perfect sangeet ceremony idea to count on. To amp up the fun factor, call guests’ names as a surprise and ask them to sing their favorite songs. Seeing those shy relatives sing in front of everyone will make the DJ night more fun. So, get ready to tell them ‘abhi toh party shuru hui hai’!

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7. Quiz Time

Want to know the bride’s first school crush? Or something related to the couple’s future plans? Creating fun quiz questions and seeking their answers from the couple is sure to keep the craziness quotient high at the DJ party.

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8. Conduct a Fashion Show

Give wings to your inner debonair or diva by conducting a fashion show at the sangeet ceremony. Play some music, set the stage, and encourage every party guest to walk on the runway and flaunt their fashion sense.

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9. Let a Celeb Perform at the Sangeet

If you are planning to throw a royal sangeet, how about requesting a Bollywood celebrity to perform at the party? A fantastic way to woo your guests and make the party memorable for a lifetime!

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10. Late-Night Snacks

Not everyone will be exhausted after the scheduled dinner. If you have some enthusiastic cousins who can wake up all night just to have fun, make sure to offer them some late-night snacks.

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Opt for these awesome ideas for the DJ ceremony to turn it into the most epic night ever!

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