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10 Stunning Makeup Hacks for Beginners

10 Stunning Makeup Hacks for Beginners

Scrolling through Instagram, encountering celebrities with flawless makeup skills, and considering them to be down pat is a common feeling for most of us. Especially for someone naive, seeing those contour tutorials and achieving the desired face shape is no less than a herculean task. But believe us when we say that doing makeup is as easy as 1, 2, and 3! Even if it involves tricky tasks like contouring, creating a cat-eye, or achieving matte lips, everything can be done effortlessly. Wondering how? Here are some stunning makeup tips and hacks that will help you improve your skills and become a pro in no time.

1: Foundation before Concealer

Foundation always goes before a concealer. So, start with a layer of foundation that best matches your skin tone and use it to create a smooth base. This will eliminate discoloration or redness of any kind. Then apply the concealer to hide your zits and remaining dark spots.

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2: Melt Kohl Pencil to Help it Glide

If your kohl pencil has a creamy formula, it will work better if it’s warmed up. To let the kohl give the darkest strokes in one go, melt it down before using it.

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3: Draw Winged Liner with a Spoon

If you are a novice at drawing a winged liner and want to achieve perfection, start with a tool. Grab a spoon, hold its stem against your eye’s outer corner, and draw a straight line. After this, use its rounded outer edge to achieve a winged effect.

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4: Set the Lip Color with a Powder-Tissue Combo

Who doesn’t want the lip color to last long? To increase the staying power of your lipstick and to give it a matte effect, use the powder-tissue trick. Simply place a tissue over your lips and then dust a translucent powder over it. At last, set the powder with a brush.

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5: Brush Handle as a Contour Guide

To contour to perfection as a beginner, use a brush handle as a guide. Grab a makeup brush and roll its handle below your cheekbones. This will help you discover the right angle for the face shape you possess. Once you have found that angle, dust the bronzer and then blend it.

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6: Spoon as Mascara Shield

Want those long lashes without letting the mascara leave any residue on your skin? No worries! You can use the back of the spoon to apply mascara hassle-free. Hold the spoon on your eyelid and then apply the mascara. The excess mascara won’t be on your skin but the back of the spoon!

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7: Line Your Lips

For a sexy pout and to make your lips pop, always use a lip liner. Lining your lips will give them dimension and volume.

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8: Makeup Multitaskers

Why invest in blush when you can use your lipstick to get flushed cheeks? Well, there are tons of makeup essentials that serve as great multitaskers. Mascara can be used as an eyeliner, kohl as eyeshadow, liquid foundation as an undereye concealer, and the list goes on…

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9: Wear False Eyelashes Patiently

Allow yourself to keep patience while putting on false eyelashes. Once you have added the glue to the eyelashes, wait for some time before applying the lashes. Use a mirror when applying those falsies to stick them close to the lash line.

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10: Use White Liner for Wider Eyes

Want to widen your eyes with a simple tip? Grab a white liner and use it on your bottom waterline. Applying a white liner lighter than your actual skin tone will give the illusion of bigger eyes.

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Count on these makeup hacks to do makeup like a pro!

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