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Wedding Gifts for Girls That are Guaranteed to Make any Bride Jump with Joy

Wedding Gifts for Girls That are Guaranteed to Make any Bride Jump with Joy

If you have a friend who is about to tie the sacred knot soon, you would surely want to make her feel special. And when her wedding is just around the corner, why not start thinking about the gift to delight her on her big day? As a bridesmaid to your sissy-like friend, you would want something that’s out of the box. Well, you don’t have to scroll through your Instagram and Pinterest feeds to get ideas for unique wedding gifts for her. Simply have a look at this list where we have curated all the crème de la crème gift ideas for your best buddy. From bridal skincare hampers to a hotel-stay gift card, these gifts are sure to make her jump with joy.

  1. Pamper her with Bridal Skin Care Essentials

A skincare hamper is great for any bride-to-be who wants to glow on her D-day. Pick a hamper from her favorite skincare brand or create a customized hamper with a bundle of high-end & luxe skincare products. We recommend picking organic or toxin-free skincare products for your BFF. Some of the skincare essentials you can use to curate your hamper include face wash, face scrub, sunscreen, face masks, moisturizer, night cream, anti-aging eye & neck cream, toner, and lip balm. 

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  1. Jewelry with a ‘Custom’ Touch

As a maid of honor, you can choose to give personalized wedding jewelry to your dearie. A piece of jewelry with a custom touch is a great way to showcase your happiness and excitement for her wedding. From dainty gold bracelets with her wedding date to one-letter diamond bracelets, there are myriad options to choose from. Something she will adore and treasure forever!

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  1. Add a Beautiful Clutch to her Collection 

A gorgeous clutch is a classy and practical wedding gift idea for your best friend. It’s of high utility in everyday life and can help make a fashion statement. Pick something fancy or decorative with jewels/beads or something with a gorgeous floral pattern for her spring/summer wedding. If you want to go simple, opt for an embroidered clutch or single-color clutch in a pretty shade & style. 

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  1. A Hotel Stay for the Newlywed to Unwind

Your sissy-like buddy might be thinking about her post-wedding vacation more than her wedding day. So, why not give her and her hubby-to-be a romantic getaway or hotel-stay card? A luxurious 2 or 3-day stay in a high-end hotel will allow the newlyweds to rejuvenate after hectic wedding festivities. You can also ask the hotel manager to make special arrangements for them, such as a decorated bed, scented candles, balloons, fairy lights, and chocolates. Want to go the extra mile? Arrange a collection of romantic music or movies, a specially crafted cocktail, and some scrumptious snacks for them to enjoy. 

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  1. Coffee Machine for a Coffee Lover

If your buddy or sissy loves coffee like nothing else, there is no better wedding gift for her than a classy coffee maker. A simple yet smart coffee machine will let her prepare her favorite cup of joe anytime she wants to. Well, you don’t have to go overboard with your budget by buying a barista-style machine. A mini espresso machine will brew multiple cups of aromatic coffee for her every day. 

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  1. Handmade Cards

DIY wedding cards are thoughtful and unique wedding gift ideas for a cousin or friend. They also allow you to add a personal touch to them, making them even more special. If you have good crafting skills, try creating a handmade wedding card with confetti, colorful ribbons, sparkles, and pictures of the couple. You can also display this card as a cake topper for her wedding cake. 

Bonus Tip: Try making a pop-up chocolate ‘heart’ card. Wrap the chocolate heart in a pastel color sparkly paper. For a Christian couple, you can craft something with dressed-up black & white hearts.

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  1. Polarized Instant Camera

Is your friend or cousin a snap-happy person? If yes, nothing will wow her more than an instant camera. A polarized instant cam comes with an integrated printing technology that offers full-color pictures in a matter of seconds. Pick something in a charming design and fun color. It’s better to look for a size that makes the cam slip easily into a pocket for those quick, hassle-free shoots. Something that will let her click some cool pictures and post on her social media in no time! 

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  1. Who Doesn’t Need a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri can be your buddy’s favorite companion whenever she is home alone. A virtual assistant can play music, answer questions, control lights & switches, and do so much more. A smart digital voice assistant with its high-end AI technology will respond to her commands and do what she tells it to do. 

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  1. A Smartwatch for a Productive Friend

If you know she is a lady excellent at work or loves doing things on time, a smartwatch makes for a perfect gift for her. Get a smartwatch from her favorite brand or pick something with high-end features. Some of the smart features you should look for in a smartwatch include Bluetooth 5.0, fitness tracker, sports mode, message reminder, GPS, remote camera, weather forecast, music control, find my phone feature, and call notification. 

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  1. Loaded Vanity Kit  

If your friend always keeps her finger on the pulse of new makeup products, a loaded vanity kit with new launches is sure to delight her. Arrange a makeup hamper or vanity kit for her with loads of luxe makeup staples, including primer, foundation, concealer, color correctors, blush, bronzers, lip colors, highlighters, kohl, eyeshadow palette, compact, and setting spray. Make sure to include all kinds of makeup brushes she would use to create her choicest looks. 

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Pick one from these wedding gifts for her and make your babe feel special and loved like never before!

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