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12 Important Things to Remember at Your First Bridal Fitting

12 Important Things to Remember at Your First Bridal Fitting

Your big day is just two months away and it’s time to step out of your home and try your first bridal fitting. Too excited? Before you slip into your dream lehenga and imagine yourself as a bride, you need to follow some practical measures to ensure your final fitting is just perfect. So, let’s be a bit practical here. To ensure you have a successful first bridal dress fitting, you need to take the following things into consideration. 

  1. Wear the Same Shapewear You Will Wear on Your D-Day

If you want to look slim and well-structured on your wedding day, plan to wear shapewear. Properly-fitted shapewear will help you flaunt your curves perfectly. Carry this shapewear and other garments (including bra) and wear them while trying your bridal outfit. 

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  1. The Dori Should Not Hold the Lehenga but only Help Tighten It

The dori or string that is attached to the lehenga skirt helps to tighten the outfit and prevent it from slipping down. If your skirt falls or slips down without tying the dori, that means the skirt needs an alteration. 

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  1. Check the Zip on Your Outfit

Bridal lehenga skirts come with zips and hooks along with latkans. While the zip and hook are designed to keep the lehenga in place, latkans help a bit to ensure a snug fit. You need to ensure the hook and zip are strong enough to hold up your bridal outfit. If not, ask your tailor to make the necessary amends. 

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  1. Don’t wear Heavy Makeup While Going for Your Bridal Fitting

You may resist the idea of going outside without makeup but let’s tell you that your makeup can take its toll on your bridal fitting. That heavy foundation, eyeliner, or lipstick can rub off pretty easily and stain your bridal dress while you slip into it or try to remove it. So, instead of carrying a bold pout or dramatic eye, try to opt for a makeup-free look before going out for your fitting. 

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  1. Try Different Moves in Your Bridal Outfit

To ensure your wedding day outfit is comfortable to the core, you need to try different movements while having it on your body. This will also help in optimizing your fitting process. So, walk around the room and step up some stairs. Sit on a couch, raise your hands, and dance around to test the comfortability of the outfit. 

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  1. Timing of the Final Fitting is Important

Wedding dress fitting takes time. Even if your tailor promises to deliver the final outfit with all alterations done in no time, the outfit may need further amends. So, make sure your final fitting should at least be a month before your D-day. This will ensure you still have time to ask for a few more alterations. 

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  1. Try on Your Outfit with Bridal Shoes

Carry your bridal shoes to your first fitting to see how they look with your outfit. If you haven’t purchased them yet, wear shoes with the same heel height. 

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  1. Take Enough Photos

Take photos in your wedding dress during the fitting session. It’s not just about selfies but the wedding outfit too. Snap a few clear and detailed pictures of your wedding dress and send them to your makeup artist to let her have a glimpse of it. This will help her come up with makeup look suggestions she is planning for your wedding day. 

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  1. Don’t Try Your Wedding Dress During or Before Your Period

If you bleed heavily every month or struggle with period cramps, you won’t feel comfortable trying your bridal outfit during those days. During menstruation, the stomach also feels bloated which can impact your size measurements. If you opt for fitting during your period, make sure to double up on protection.

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  1. Wear Drape and Test Its Weight 

Test out the dupatta that comes with your bridal lehenga. Check its weight and style. Your dupatta may feel heavy on your head or too wide to style on your waist. So, check it and have an idea about it by trying it with your lehenga. 

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  1. Wear Your Bridal Jewelry with Lehenga

Once you have worn your wedding dress, wear wedding accessories including bridal jewelry. It will help you ensure the jewelry perfectly complements your outfit. If you think the jewelry needs some fixes, you will have time to do that. 

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  1. Your Outfit Color Should Match Your Wedding Decor/Theme 

You and your husband-to-be are coordinating their outfits. But does your bridal outfit complement your wedding theme or decor? By complementing, we do not mean your outfit should be of the same color as that of the decor. It simply means your bridal outfit and wedding decor should blend well with the surroundings. Here are a few tips to complement your outfit with your wedding theme. 

  • Try not to choose the exact color for your decor and wedding dress. For instance – if your decor is silver, do not opt for a silver lehenga. Instead, go for a dark gray to let the outfit standout.
  • If your wedding backdrop is plain and simple, get a heavy embroidered or intricate lehenga. Similarly, if you have a solid color lehenga with a plain design, a floral backdrop is good to go.
  • Try contrasting color combos for your wedding dress and decor. If your theme or decor is silver, opt for a Fuschia pink wedding dress. 

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We hope these tips will help you make the most of your bridal fitness process and make the fitting successful. Happy wedding!

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