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Know The Cost Involved in a Destination wedding in Udaipur

Know The Cost Involved in a Destination wedding in Udaipur

Planning a royal wedding at Udaipur? This is the cost check for you! 

Who doesn’t want a dream royal wedding nestled in the luxury and pomp of Udaipur, India? Most Indian celebrities and some international celebs also choose this high-end and most sought-after wedding destination to make it the best event of their life. If you plan a grand event soon, your budget might rise from 1 crore to 2 crores or maybe more than that as per your requirements. 

Udaipur is not only famous for its beautiful locale and picturesque atmosphere but is also called the Venice of the East due to the beautiful and pristine lakes around it. This is also one of the prime locations for Bollywood marriage sequence shooting. The land of kings and queens welcomes everyone from every corner of the world to make their wedding a grand affair. To know more, you should go through this article, and it may help you to choose a beautiful location for your biggest affair. 

Best time for a grand marriage at Udaipur

Since Udaipur is a part of Rajasthan, you can expect a soothing winter and a scorching summer. Getting married during monsoon wouldn’t be a great option anyway because most of the rituals and ceremonies will take place outside. During a heavy downpour, no one will be able to enjoy the location and the ceremonies. During summer, the temperature goes up to 40 degrees and sometimes even more than that. It is always the wise choice to choose the winter for a grand wedding. Not only the couple but the guests can get relaxed during different rituals. During winters, the daytime temperature goes up to 25 degrees, and during the night, it comes down to 15 degrees, making it very soothing and comfortable. 

Best wedding venue at Udaipur

Udaipur is perfect for everyone with different budget levels. It caters to the requirements of every bride and grooms out there with different hotels and setups with different types of marriages and rituals going on. The main budget constraint here is the number of guests you have and the type of palace you choose for your big day. Here we have searched and categorized some of the most popular and wonderful palaces and hotels as per the budget required to arrange a ceremony there. 

Heritage palaces and luxury hotels: They charge you somewhere between 50k to 80k per room per night. 

Resorts and 5-star hotels: They charge you somewhere between 15k to 20k per room per night. 

4-star hotels: They charge you somewhere between 6k to 8k per room per night. 

Now you can choose a place as per your budget and the number of rooms you need for your guests. You can always book a whole venue as per your space requirements. Besides the room cost, another big cost involves the food and beverages. Now, this is certainly your choice of what you want to feed your guests. But if you choose a basic 4-star hotel, then the cost is around 10-15% more than each room cost. Besides food, you will have to arrange beverages for your guests, and this solely depends on the hotel and its availability. Apart from food and beverages, you will have to arrange photographers and decorators to decorate the venue too! 

Get the best photographer for your D-day

You can book a wedding photographer of any type from online sites or social media pages. But when you are booking a palace at Udaipur and planning a destination wedding, you do not want to hire any Tom, Dick, or Harry for your special affair! So, to fulfill your wish of getting papped by the professional ones, you need to pay around 3-3.5 Lakh for a 3-day wedding at Udaipur. This price varies from 2 Lakh to even a huge 4.5 Lakh as per the venue you have booked and the number of ceremonies you are going to have. When you are spending this much, choose wisely. 

How to choose a wedding decorator to decorate the venue for you

In most cases, your wedding planner arranges this part also. But if you have an inclination towards any special decoration then having someone worthy for your big day is very important. But before you finalize a decorator yourself, have a chat with your wedding planner. If he is not comfortable working with this guy, your wedding venue will not look as good as you have planned! It is therefore important to ask your wedding planner about some options and then choose a decorator as per your budget and requirements. The price would fall somewhere between 10 Lakh to 30 Lakh to hire a well-experienced wedding decorator. 


Having a dream wedding at Udaipur requires a lot of money and a lot of planning as well. No matter how much you spend, sometimes you cannot fulfill your wishes. So, here’s a basic cost outline for you. If you choose a pocket-friendly decorator, photographer, and budget hotel, the cost will be around 25 Lakh. If you choose a medium-range hotel along with a good decorator and photographer, the charge will rise to 90 Lakh. If you are looking for a ravishing marriage like Bollywood stars, you have to have a budget of 1-1.5 crore with around 150 guests. 

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