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  • ISKCON Zurich to Participate in Krishna Conscious Gap Year ExperienceA new ISKCON Youth Ministry initiative, loosely based on the Mormon Mission trips and dubbed “The Krishna Conscious Gap Year Experience,” was endorsed by the GBC Executive Committee in a March 2021 letter to ISKCON leaders. Now, various international temples are piloting the program.  “The idea is to create incentives for our young people to […]
  • ISKCON Represents Hinduism at Global Interfaith EventA Global interfaith convention was held in the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, on August 5th, 2021. Frontmen and thinkers of various religions across the globe were part of it. Click to read full article on ISKCON News.
  • PM Modi’s Speech in English
  • Hare Krishna in a Chinese Classroom, by Oxford DonHONG KONG: By day, Kenneth Valpey dons his academic robes to elevate his students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to a higher orbit of understanding about Indian religions and cultures. But come evening, he assumes another avatar. He slips into something a little more comfortable — like a pristine white dhoti-kurta and a […]
  • Temple ScheduleAs per August 24, 2021, this is our modified schedule during the pandemic. All visitors must wear face masks and observe social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet between non-family members. We have a maximum occupancy in the temple room of 30-40 persons on designated X-marked spots, first come, first served. Two family members may share one X-marked spot. If all spots are taken, please wait outside until a spot opens up. We are only open during actual arati times, please plan your visit accordingly. Prasad, when available, (such as during the Sunday Feast) will be served in pre-packaged to-go boxes for you to take home with you. No eating on temple property, so that masks can remain on at all times.

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