Lotus Asian Fusion is a new fusion restaurant blending together Chinese flavors with traditional Indian cuisine. Lotus is set in a beautiful contemporary setting that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere while dining. Our Asian fusion menu provides a unique experience for our customers, transporting them to new worlds through our combination of flavors and our take on traditional dishes. Although we have many fusion dishes, we also have our traditional Indian menu, so whether you prefer a blend of Asian flavor or traditional Indian cuisine, we are sure to have the perfect dish on our menu for you.

Our goal at Lotus is to provide you with the best food using the highest quality ingredients. We believe that the freshness of our ingredients truly elevates the quality and taste of our dishes. Our signature dish is the Chili Chicken, a boneless chicken marinated with tangy ginger and garlic paste and sautéed with fresh green onions and bell peppers. We also offer platters with a combination of a few of our most popular menu items so you can sample more than one dish. We provide a wide selection of dishes on our menu catering to both vegetarians as well as meat lovers

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