Sri Hanuman Temple of North America

Jai Hanuman!
Sri Hanuman Temple of North America, a registered Non-Profit Organization in the state of Maryland welcomes and thanks you heartily for your visit to its official website.

Sri Hanuman Temple of North Americas’ (SHTNA) founding members vision is to help nurture our growing Indian community with the blessings of Lord Hanuman by providing cultural and religious services. SHTNA plans on hosting a variety of cultural and religious classes with the help of volunteers at no cost. It also plans on providing shelter to the needy.

At present, SHTNA is in its very early stages of development and welcomes all devotees of Lord Hanuman to join in praising Him. SHTNA is planning various activities to achieve our objectives and mission, based on the initial reason for our establishment.

SHTNA reaches out for you to open your generous hearts, wallets, and schedules to help us build this temple to truly honor Lord Hanuman, and to grow our Hindu community in the DC/MD/VA area.  We welcome all donations, in good faith, to the upliftment of our Culture, Faith, Heritage, Social Support Services, Outreach Initiatives, Community Services and Dharma. Together, we CAN move mountains, and remember every mountain started as just a tiny rock.

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