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Krista Massey

Professional Makeup Artist

Beauty – Glamour – Wedding – Headshot Makeup

In need of professional headshots?

I highly recommend Headshots” Professional Makeup Artist serving the Raleigh Metro Area “

 5 reasons to get professional hair and makeup

Professionals are well-versed in their field

They also avoid using silver shimmer eyeshadow.
Yes, I realize it’s very particular, but silver shimmer eyeshadow is my pet hate – it’s an antiquated aesthetic that doesn’t photograph well.

When it comes to doing their own makeup, many women wind up with uneven brows, clumpy mascara, too much bronzer, or other cosmetic blunders.
Professionals know which items to use (and which not to use) to ensure that you appear your best on camera.

On-camera cosmetics (and hairstyles) appear quite different, and these experts are educated to recognize the differences!
Hair and cosmetics are done by professionals who have been trained to photograph properly! Top rated professional Headshot Photographers like Jack at Headshots Raleigh hired me, because I know specifically how to do makeup for flash photography.
Makeup artists will hide any flaws in your skin, shape your face to appear its best in any lighting, and know how to choose and apply colors that complement your complexion to make it seem perfect.
Not to mention that they will utilize fake lashes and shadows to make your eyes POP, which is a HUGE advantage when having your pictures professionally shot since we concentrate particularly on your eyes!
Your expert hair stylists will also be able to arrange your hair in such a way that it properly frames your face for the photographs, ensuring that there are no distracting elements.

Not only do professional hair and makeup artists deal with models, but they also work with actual women.

Wedding clients and professional photoshoots are common for every busy hair and makeup artist.
This implies they can work with any lady, from a bride’s mother to an old grandma to a teenager.
Because they’ve worked with a variety of skin types, colors, and hair styles, they know how to create the ideal appearance for every lady.

Get the “natural look” down pat

Natural does not imply no or little makeup; rather, it implies that you seem to be the finest version of yourself.
And, contrary to popular belief, attaining a “natural appearance” necessitates the use of much more cosmetics.
A makeup artist treats and prepares the skin before applying makeup, ensuring that you appear perfect and natural.

Make the photographic preparation less stressful

Working with a makeup artist and hair stylist allows you to relax and be pampered while getting ready for your photography; it allows you to catch your breath and concentrate on bringing the greatest energy to your session.

It’s very natural to be anxious before a photograph.
Having professional hair and makeup is a simple way to help!
When you enlist the assistance of professionals to prepare for your event, you relieve yourself of the burden of preparation!
You know you’re hiring a professional, and you’re going to look amazing!
You won’t have to fret about anything leading up to the session since THEY will take care of everything.

It lasts the whole day

Your makeup artist’s and hair stylist’s professional materials are likely to be both long-lasting and flexible.
When you hire a professional, you can be certain that no matter what the weather or circumstances are, you’ll look your best during the session.
Professional makeup does not break down or slide about like ordinary makeup.
A professional hairstyle is similar in that it lasts far longer than your everyday hairstyle.

Boost Your Self-Belief

You’ll feel less anxious coming up to your session if you trust experts, and this will make a huge difference in how you appear in pictures!
And this means that your photographic adventure begins long before we meet on site!
You’ll go into your session feeling confident and ready to take on the world after spending the hours preceding up to it feeling pampered!
Then, since you’re feeling so good about yourself, it’ll be simple for me to step in and advise you on how to posture and what to do in front of the camera, so you’ll look and feel like a natural in no time!
As a result, your session will be even more fantastic!


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