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Hello folks! My name is Suhail (pronounced – Sue Hail) and here is my story. Accent Event Rentals (we call it AER in house. Who has all day to say the whole thing) was formed in 2018 with a simple idea in mind – I wanted to create a space where designers, planners and walk -in clients could feel at home. They could be inspired and motivated to design their events. I personally take pride in the 6000 sq.ft. design studio we have created and the inventory we have to back it up with. Accent Event Rentals is your premier source of luxury event rentals. Whether you are thinking of putting together an epic wedding, bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah or a corporate gala, we can help you transform your event space.

We started in 2018 with placing floor wraps on any dance floor, bar or structure we could find. The idea of just dressing up dance floors and creating custom wraps evolved into a full on rental product lines. I didn’t want to settle for the mainstream regular rental products. I wanted to make sure my clients get the same products that I would like to see if I were shopping for similar items for my event. Well guess what? I looked and couldn’t find any. Then I just did what any passionate entrepreneur would. I started designing products with my team. Over the next six months we created different lines of products from seating to bars and everything in between. What made me fall in love with the idea of luxury high end rental products was that it is an ever evolving medium. You don’t just buy something and keep selling it. You’re always refreshing your inventory with new and innovative products. We are not only a rental company but every rental specialist has an event design experience as well. They will sit down with you and help you figure out what would work and what won’t. That’s what keeps us apart from the competition and to be honest I wouldn’t be doing this if it was any different.

Rental Process – Simplified

We know that planning an event is a pretty daunting task to begin with. Last thing we want is to add to that stress by creating a process that’s super complicated. At AER, we have designed our website, social media pages and trained our staff to streamline everything and ensure that our clients love our shopping process as much as they’d love our products. Basically we’ve de-cluttered the shopping experience. No more calling in to get pricing (don’t get me wrong, we’d love to chat but we know how valuable is your time). Simply get on our website, pick out the products you’d like and get an “exact” quote that you’d be liable for. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay for it or add any payment details. Once you’ve placed your order, our friendly staff will reach out to you to figure out the details.


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