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(MOD) Modern. Original. Dramatic.

Every girl has their own personal style, whether it’s with some Modern flare, Originality or distinctly Dramatic. Its part of our lifestyle to take the way we feel and to reflect that through a look. So why not complete that look with the perfect hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup isn’t about slapping on some color and hair spray. It takes thought, technique, planning, execution and a connection with your client to create a customized look that will make them radiate with life!  Coming from a background of art from George Mason University, understanding color theory, application and technique is key in creating that perfect look. I also graduated from The Graham Webb Academy in makeup from Arlington, VA. Continuous education and drive is what allows me to evolve as an artist and I love every second of it!

MOD Girl Studios is an experience for clients, from weddings, photoshoots, baby showers, fashion shoots and more. I love to put a smile on women’s faces everywhere and creating an environment filled with positive and creative vibes.

Love yourself. Love art. You are beautiful.

Thank you for checking out my site. Please visit my contact page for inquiries.


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